Q&A with Michele Pasca Di Magliano, Zaha Hadid

What’s your favourite project in the world?

La Chapelle de Ronchamp is the culmination of my hero Le Corbusier’s oeuvre, where concrete and light seamlessly create space inside and outside the building.

From the office portfolio our Phaeno Science Centre in Wolfsburg created a new paradigm for Architecture, breaking up the definition of walls, structure and roof into one spatial continuum – some of those concepts evolved in our proposal for Federal street.

What excites you about ICD’s Federal St project?

We feel honoured to offer our vision for Federal Street to Auckland, the biggest challenge for us was how to create a unique typology for a New Zealand high rise, which was the inspiration behind bringing the streetscape up to the tower and the landscape to the middle of the tower with our Sky Garden.

What do you think is the most exciting thing in store for Auckland’s future?

Auckland has a great opportunity to re-engage with its architecture and enhance its own unique urbanism for the people of the city. We hope we will see ambitious projects realised, and not repeating modernist projects which are already failing elsewhere.
Auckland’s ambition and vision for the future must cater for everyone in the city, and in that respect mixed-use projects and plenty of publicly accessible spaces will be the most successful.

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Bobby Kennedy