Designs revealed at the 'What's Next Auckland' event


Designs by five of the world’s leading architects for a landmark high-rise tower in central Auckland were revealed on 6 September 2018 at ‘What’s Next Auckland?’, an event that doubled as a forum to discuss the future of Auckland’s skyline and the development of the city.

Ten designs for the new hotel-residential building at 65 Federal St were created by London-based architects Zaha Hadid, locals Warren and Mahoney, and international firms Woods Bagot, Cox Architecture, and Elenberg Fraser as part of an international design competition run by Melbourne-based property development company, ICD Property.

The architects each created two designs for the competition, with the first design following current city planning rules and the second showcasing what could be built with more liberal planning parameters.

Members of the audience at ‘What’s Next Auckland?’ comprised local and international media, key Government personnel including Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore, and property figures ranging from architects to engineers and other developers.

Global consultancy company WSP also presented findings at the event on the future of Auckland and how the city ranks in its ‘2018 Global Cities Index – A Tale of 30 Cities’ study. The Global Cities Index rates 30 major cities from around the world on a number of variables to rank them against each other and measure how “future ready” they are.

WSP’s presentation acted as a launchpad for an industry-wide discussion on the next steps Auckland must take to ensure long-term liveability, economic success, and positive development into the future.


Each architecture firm then presented their unique concept for the 65 Federal St project providing insight into their design inspiration and objectives. The designs include a tower with a Sky Garden representing the Auckland landscape, through to a local design inspired by a Māori korowai (cloak).    

Winner announced Tuesday the 9th of October

Bobby Kennedy